About us

Since opening in May 2014, Cannons has always been about keeping things traditional. After months of research to find that other fish and chip shops had lost their ‘oomph’ co founders Beverly and Andrew decided to start their very own dream fish and chip shop with a healthy twist. Set in Southgate, Cannons is the epitome of cool. Offering diners extremely fresh fish, cooked in a variety of styles, in a vintage setting with monochrome flooring and the good ol’ fashioned steel stalls we all remember. 60’s prints of the rock stars cover the walls with a backdrop of retro classics playing out over the speakers. From the moment you walk in, Cannons delivers you to a culinary time warp of great taste.

Traditional Fish and Chips

Cannons has said goodbye to archaic techniques of frying fish

By using only the best quality ingredients, which includes frying with ‘good for you’ rapeseed oil you don’t have to feel guilty after enjoying a cheeky fish dinner at Cannons. As well as promoting a healthy lifestyle with rapeseed oil, Cannons also has a grilled fish option so if batter really isn’t your thing, why not take a pew to enjoy some tasty white fish, homemade chips and salad? You can just feel your health improving, can’t you?

Grilled Fish at Cannons!

Endorsing UK business, Cannons also serves sell out Pieminister pies in 4 different varieties with vegetarian options and low calorie ones too! Pieminister specialises in making yummy, good for you pies and Cannons serves seasonal Pieminister pies all year around (especially Christmas) that really get your tastebuds into the festive spirit!

Come and join Cannons for the fish and chips experience you thought you’d forgotten.

What’s better you can leave with a full tummy and a clear conscience because our fish and chips are made with your happiness and health in mind.